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Como modificar mensagens no Facebook Messenger?

Como editar mensagens no Facebook Messenger?

Facebook’s Messenger now allows users to edit messages, which is a useful feature when you want to correct a message. The app gives users up to 15 minutes to edit a message, providing enough time to fix any spelling mistakes, incorrect information, or even the content of the text. Whether you’re using Messenger on your mobile device (Android or iOS) or on your computer, the process of editing a message is straightforward.

To edit a message on Messenger using your mobile device, follow these steps:

1. Open the Messenger chat where you want to edit the message.
2. Hover your cursor over the message you wish to edit.
3. Click on the corresponding icon. This will display options such as “Reply,” “Copy,” “Edit,” and “More.” Click on “Edit.”
4. Make the necessary changes to the text and select the blue button to confirm. The message will be edited and sent to the recipient.

When editing a message on either your mobile device or computer, all participants in the conversation will be notified that a message has been edited. However, it is not possible to access the edit history of the message.

To edit a message on Facebook Messenger using your computer:

1. Open the Messenger chat where the message is located.
2. Click on the three dots button labeled “More.”
3. In the menu, click on “Edit.”
4. Make the necessary changes to the text and select the blue button to confirm. The message will be edited.

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